The Zapier integration allows you to connect Google Sheets, Shopify and Amazon Stores with Venzee product information. This zap can be used to update a product list whenever you add a new row to a Google Sheet or if a product is marked as paid on your Shopify or Amazon store.

To enable the integration with Venzee and Zapier make sure you have a Zapier account and head over to 

  1. Login or Create a New Account for Zapier
  2. Gain access to the Venzee Beta app
  3. Click on Make a Zap
  4. Select your App (Shopify, Amazon, Google Sheets)Choose the status of products that you want to pull from the app to Venzee (e.g. new spreadsheet row, new product, new order, etc.)Connect with your App AccountSelect Payment, Order and Fulfillment Status in order to complete the trigger setup
  5. Search through Venzee in Zapier in order to setup the action stepYou can choose to:Create a Product ListORCreate a Product under an existing list
  6. From the template screen:Select an Organization ID (i.e. the organization you manage that will be used for this Zap)Give the Product/Product List a nameSelect the unique identifier to use (usually the UPC, SKU or similar)Complete the remainder of the form
  7. Complete the Zap but naming it

Once you've confirmed the Zap works as you expect you can keep it that way for as long as you need it.

Zapier has their own set of support tools to help you if you get stuck using their product at all. If you have questions or get stuck using the Venzee portion of the Zapier set up you can contact us using our Chat. 

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